Franke Boiling Tap Minerva

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Franke Boiling Tap Minerva

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The Minerva Original 3-in-1 tap provides hot, cold and 100°C boiling water. Safety is assured with a two-step safety handle, while fully insulated spout and handle ensures that they both stay cool to the touch.

Discreet and suitable for almost any kitchen, the horizontal heating tank sits neatly behind a standard 150mm cabinet plinth, freeing up much-needed cupboard space. The boiling water control can be positioned on the left or right side.


Product Information

Version Bi-Flow Spout
Handle Width 168.00 mm
Height Overall 362.50 mm
Height to End of Spout 241.00 mm
Spout reach 189.00 mm
Remarks NB The Franke Minerva boiling water tap series requires a minimum of 1.5 bar pressure.